HAKODATE Airport -Hakodate Airport Terminal Building Co,.LTD.-

Company Profile

Company name Hakodate Airport Terminal Building Co., Ltd.
Address Hakodate Airport, 511 Takamatsu-cho, Hakodate 042-0952
Telephone +81-138-57-8882 / Fax +81-138-57-8088
Established June 27, 1970
Capital \260 million (Authorized capital: \800 million)
Number of shareholders 72
Principal shareholders City of Hakodate, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines International, Prefecture of Hokkaido
Shareholder composition Local authorities (25%), airline companies (25%), other businesses (50%)
Main businesses Leasing of airport terminal building, sales of foods, drinks and souvenirs, others
Representative Yoichi Azuma, President & CEO
Number of executive officers 14 directors and 2 auditors
Number of employees 15 men and 14 women (29 in all)